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House Characterization

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“House Characterization” is a process that Advanced Energy has developed to standardize the assessment of residential buildings from the outside. Our House Characterization process will allow you to use some observable characteristics of a house to determine both the complexity level of a house, and the degree of difficulty in making the home more energy efficient. This process allows auditors, assessors, salesmen and crews to better estimate the time, cost and level of skill that will be required to make the home more energy efficient without relying solely on extensive diagnostics.

Advanced Energy offers building science training in the following capacities:

  • Existing Homes Market Rate / Weatherization

    • Success with Existing Homes

    • Success with Weatherization

    • Success with House Characterization

  • Market Rate New Construction

    • Success with ENERGY STAR™ (for builders, raters, scopes or subcontractors)

  • Affordable Housing

    • SystemVision Guaranteed Performance Program

For more information regarding Advanced Energy's training programs, please contact Kristi Matthews at 919-857-9000.