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How it Works

Key Components of the NC Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program:

  • Contractor

    1 / Enrollment and Training

    If you are interested in becoming a Home Performance Contractor, contact Maria Mauceri at 919.857.9000 to discuss enrollment and schedule training.

    The requirements for participation are:
    • Execute a Participation Agreement
    • Be certified to BPI Building Analyst (minimum)
    • Complete Advanced Energy's one-day training training providing
      comprehensive knowledge of the HPwES processes, procedures
      and tools
    • Provide proof of general liability insurance

  • Assessment

    2 / Whole-House Energy Assessment

    Contractors will work with interested homeowners to schedule and conduct a whole-house energy assessment of all the home's thermal and mechanical systems, appliances, fuel options and any moisture and durability problems. An evaluation of appliances, lighting, and the potential to use solar or other renewable energy technologies is also encouraged.

    After the assessment, the contractor provides the homeowner with a comprehensive list of recommended improvements and a cost estimate to complete the recommended work.

  • Implement Upgrades

    3 / Implement Upgrades

    Participating contractors follow industry best practices to install the recommended improvements selected by the homeowner. The contractor may also subcontract the work to an installer who has completed Home Performance with ENERGY STAR training.

    Recommended improvements typically include additional insulation, air sealing, efficient heating or cooling equipment, duct sealing and repair and lighting and appliance upgrades.

  • Inspection

    4 / Verification Inspection

    After completing the upgrades, contractors perform diagnostic tests to verify that renovations have improved home performance and safety standards have been met. Diagnostic testing includes measuring air infiltration and duct leakage, and evaluating combustion safety.

    The homeowner receives a report summarizing the improvements completed, test results and estimated energy savings.

  • Certification

    5 / Independent Quality Assurance

    Advanced Energy invests intensive resources up front in the quality assurance process to ensure that benchmarks for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR standards are met.

    • 100% paper review of required forms and submissions
    • Field sampling of contractor/subcontractor work
    • Work completion audits

  • Certification

    6 / Certification

    Once the house passes all quality assurance measures, Advanced Energy will provide the homeowner with a certificate of participation in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.